How To Choose The Right Light Fixture

Should you buy a contemporary outdoor sconceshabby chic chandeliers or should you buy a four by eight fluorescent light, if these are decisions that you are faced with and have no idea which one to pick then this is the article for you. Today we are going to be discussing some methods to help you pick out the right light fixture for you and your home.

The first step in finding the right for you is to find your own personal style. To do this just look at the clothes that you normally wear, look at your shoes. Do you normally wear pressed dress suits with penny loafers, or do you wear loose sun dresses with flowers all over it? Finding your personal style will tell you whether or not you should get a fine lined table lamp or a shaggy pendant lamp.

The next step after finding your style is to figure out how much you are able to spend. This will greatly impact whether or not you buy a Waterford crystal chandelier or a cheap glass imitation of one. Deciding a price range will also give you an idea of where to look. If you can only spend $ 100 dollars then it is a waste of time to look in high end stores, unless you are looking for inspiration.

After you have found your price range it is now time to start looking at what kind of light fixture you need. Do you need one that is going to light up the whole room, or just a little area? Is the light more for accent lighting and more for style or is it more for lighting and less for style? If you are lighting up a whole room and have high ceiling then it would be wise to go with a chandelier. If you are only trying to light up the door way or part of a wall then a sconce would be ideal. On the other hand if you are looking to light up an area but not the whole room a desk or floor lamp would be preferred.

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