Green Horizon Polish Pottery Dinnerware

If you are looking for Polish pottery dinnerware that will match your predominantly green decor you will want to find pottery that uses a certain proportion of green in the pattern. Some patterns feature a large amount of green while others are designed with only a simple splash of the color that may be more suitable in a room that already makes good use of it.

Polish pottery makes good use of many different colors with the most predominant being blue. But even though the use of green is not quite as extensive it makes a very attractive accompanying tone. When it comes to the look of the Green Horizon pattern you will be assured of a decorative pattern that will suit many different room tones.

One of the more attractive Polish pottery patterns that make great use of a very nice combination of green, blue and coral is the Green Horizon pattern. Take a look at the collection of Green Horizon Polish pottery for sale.

Green Horizon Polish Pottery For Sale


Cheese Dish

Pasta Dish

Soup Tureen

Dessert Plate

Gravy Boat

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Green makes up a part of some of the more important traditional Polish pottery patterns such as Blue Peacock and Celtic Ivy where it forms only a very small proportion of the overall design. However these small flecks of green will be picked up by surrounding objects that use similar tones.

For a more complete use of a green dominant pattern the Bunzlauer DU1 pattern with its green background will make the perfect choice. Take a look at a few pieces that are available for sale on Amazon.

You may also find some of the finest Polish pottery for sale by taking a look at the page displaying Unikat Polish Pottery or you might like to view some of the other Polish pottery patterns.

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