Get Creative Choosing A Children's Bed

You don’t have to be limited by the standard single bed when you go out looking for children’s beds. Although the single bed is a perfectly suitable option for your child, many children are looking for something a little more imaginative to inspire their own sense of adventure. Other options for a bed for the children’s bedroom may be inspired by the need to maximize the space available which will virtually make the decision for you.

Among the different types of children’s beds available are bunk beds, loft beds, cabin beds and of course themed beds such as the ever popular racing car bed. It’s worth taking a brief look at a few of these styles of bed to get more of an idea of what your child might get out of it.

Bunk beds are the standard space saving bed that gives you two beds placed in the space normally occupied by one bed. With the beds stacked on top of one another you are likely to come up against the problem of both kids wanting to sleep in the top bunk. As a way of getting the most out of a small bedroom, bunk beds make a lot of sense.

Cabin beds also contain a top bunk but there is no bed lying below it. The bed is often perched atop a cubby house or some other play or desk area. The cabin bed also makes clever use of the space that would otherwise have been taken up with the bed by creating a work or play area in the space that would otherwise have been taken up by the bed.

A loft bed is quite similar to a cabin bed, although it will generally be perched higher and the space underneath the bed can be used for other furniture pieces such as lounges or desks or even another bed, often facing at right angles to the top bed. The loft bed is another way of maximizing the space in the bedroom.

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Your choice may very well be decided by the amount of room that you have available in the bedroom you’re planning to use as the children’s room. With bright colors and some imaginative bedclothes any change from a single bed to one of the beds mentioned above is going to have the children involved rather keen to get to bed.

These tips for furnishing a child's bedroom are just a sample of the many bedroom decor tips available online that can help give you ideas for improving the style in the bedroom.

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