Embroidered Silk Curtains

There are many different styles and fabric types that can be used when deciding on the perfect set of curtains for the rooms you are decorating in the home. Silk is a particularly popular fabric for a variety of reasons and embroidered silk curtains gives the room an added boost of color and appeal.

Silk is a beautiful fabric that looks superb when allowed to flow in long waves such as you would see with a decorative curtain. Although silk curtains look luxurious simply as plain fabric, they come to life even more fully when they have been embroidered. There is no limit to the kinds of patterns that can be stitched into silk curtains to create the kind of curtains that will make a simple and subtle difference to a room.

It’s possible to buy plain silk curtains and do the embroidery yourself if you are equipped with the creative abilities necessary to do the job justice. But the simplest way to get the perfect embroidered silk curtains is to buy them already made.

They can be bought as light, sheer curtains to give a breezy feel to the room or they may be lined to make them more substantial affording greater privacy from the outside.

The wonderful thing about embroidered silk curtains is that there is a restrained elegance about the embroidery on them. Rather than going overboard and ending up with a set of curtains that look too busy, you may choose a set of curtains you come across rely on the beauty of the silk itself to make a stunning impression with the embroidery confined to either the top or the bottom of the curtains or perhaps both.

Alternately the curtains could be decorated with a simple floral design that is repeated over the curtains to give them an understated elegance. Part of the appeal of silk curtains is the subtle shimmer they give off and when this is combined with an Eastern influenced embroidered design they simply exude a sophistication that takes them beyond.

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