Decorating Your Home in Black and White

When choosing to incorporate black and white into your decorating plan, you can do so on a large or small scale. You have options such as choosing floor covering that is totally black or white or a mixture of the two in some type of pattern design. Painting walls white and opting for a small black accent wall is also a possible design option.

One other large scale means of adding black and white to your home is with your selection of furniture. Black furniture can successfully be included in a room with a modern design plan, an art deco or retro style decor, an eclectic style room, or a rustic type design plan. It is all a matter of furniture style selection.

The use of area rugs or accent rugs is a logical way to add black and white to your decor. Zebra print rugs or geometric design patterns are possible choices in a modern room. Various contemporary rugs are created in black and white patterns. For a rustic decor, there are several options but the fake bear rug is among the most popular.

The lighting you choose should also coincide with your black and white theme. A black chandelier with candle type bulbs and shimmering beads adds elegance to a dining or living area. Wrought iron chandeliers with a scroll designed frame can enhance various decorating styles. To create a rustic lodge or cabin atmosphere, a chandelier with shades that have pine trees, deer, or bear motifs on them would be an excellent choice of lighting.

Any room of your home can be designed with a black and white decor. Silhoutte prints and black and white photographs are great items to add to your walls. For decorating versatility you can use bold colored pillows, towels, and other accessories to your black and white decor.

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