Decorating With Talavera Mexican Tiles

One of the more popular colourful types of tiles that you may find extremely useful to know about is the Talavera Mexican tile. Examples of these tiles are all brightly colored and hand-painted giving you one-of-a-kind tiles that can be used to create a stunning display.

Mexican Talavera tiles allow you to add small splashes of color or to create a large and decorative display. You may choose to repeat the same pattern and color combination over and over or you may choose to combine different patterns to give a more eclectic and busy result.

You will find that these tiles are most common as 4” x 4” tiles although it is also possible to buy them as 2” x 2” tiles and 6” x 6” tiles and they will be painted with all kinds of detailed designs. As single tiles they may not look particularly effective but when they are combined with similar patterns or broken up with a single colored tile the results are very dramatic.

With carefully selected Talavera tiles you can turn a modestly decorated area into something that is exceptionally eye-catching. The kitchen is a wonderful place to start, particularly around a large traditional oven or an old-style sink as a decorative backsplash.

These types of tiles can be used to accent the walls or they can be placed as an edging for a traditional clay brick floor. They can also be used to highlight certain parts of the room that you would like to draw the eye to.

Simply by adding Talavera Mexican tiles to the design of a room you are creating a rustic appeal to the room. They can be used in all kinds of situations such as creating a Talavera tile table with the tiles placed on the table top or you can find very attractive Talavera tile mirrors for sale.

Talavera tiles date back to the late 16th Century when potters from the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina settled in Puebla, around a two hour drive from Mexico City. The styles that have come from these times may be broken down into different general categories such as the classic Talavera, colonial or baroque.

Either place a single Talavera tile on its own surrounded by whole block colored tiles or cloud them together to create a much more vivid display. This clouding process will enable you to turn your tiles into Talavera tile murals and can result in some spectacular visual displays. The thing about using these tiles is that it gives those who are prepared to be creative an opportunity to create a unique and appealing look.

By combining similarly colored and patterned tiles you can create som impressive larger displays on your wall or as a table top or counter top. You may be looking for some further inspiration, if you are you might like to visit the Talavera design ideas page.

Decorating the bathroom has become a whole lot more interesting with Talavera basin sinks available for sale.

You can see many more examples on the Mexican Talavera Tiles For Sale page.

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