Decorating Seasonal Use Cabins

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Many families are buying summer cabins to give their families a more permanently place to spend their summer vacations. While some cabins rival year round homes in their construction, others are more rustic structures that may not be completely winterized. Furnishing a cabin that will be vacant throughout the cold weather months requires additional care, as harsh winter conditions can cause indoor furniture to age prematurely. There are ways for anyone to create a beautiful looking cabin for little money with furnishings that will look fresh and new for years to come.

Outdoor furniture is a good choice for furnishing a rustic cabin. It is created to withstand exposure to water, and is generally easier to clean than upholstered options. Keep in mind that sticking to outdoor furniture does not necessarily mean that your cabin will be filled with dated wicker options. Many outdoor furniture makers are now offering options that are made with chic, modern synthetic materials that require almost no maintenance. Table and chair sets in interesting round or square configurations are available in a number of different colors that can immediately update the look of any cabin's decor. Padded couches and love seats that look just like their indoor counterparts, but are covered with an upholstery that will withstand more abuse, can be found in most department and home improvement stores.

It is even possible to find rugs that are designed to be used outdoors. Often made of jute, these rugs are marketed as indoor/outdoor floor coverings and can be found in many of the same patterns that one would expect to see in a high end designers collection. Not only are these rugs beautiful, but they can increase the comfort of walking across an unfinished floor. If your furniture is on the understated side, opt for a colorful rug with an interesting pattern.

When decorating cabins that will only be used for a small portion of the year, stick to cheap and durable outdoor furniture.

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