Decorate With Serpentine Furniture

Most of us have an idea that furniture should be all about smooth lines and flat planes that create a symmetrical feeling around the room. That may be the idea for some but there are others who revel in the sweeping curves and beauty of furniture that is made with a curving front. These types of furniture pieces are known as serpentine furniture and all it is referring to is the wavy nature of the front.

Serpentine cabinets and serpentine dressers provide some of the most amazingly attractive items of furniture you will ever come across. They create a far greater decorative appeal in the room and provide furniture that is pleasing to the eye because of the added detail that goes into them.

It is not always easy to find good examples of antique serpentine furniture because the good quality pieces were only made by master craftsmen and each one took a great deal of time to complete.

Some examples of serpentine furniture include writing tables, chest of drawers, chiffonier, vanities and side tables.


Even the simplest item of furniture can be given extra appeal with a slight wave across the front. The serpentine detail was often decorated even more with extra carving or etching that provides added intrigue and interest.

You have to appreciate the extra work that goes into turning what might otherwise be a straight piece of furniture and creating something with graceful sweeping lines. The fact that a serpentine armoire might be available in wood types such as mahogany, cherry, walnut or rosewood should fill you with wonder. Finding one of these spectacular pieces of furniture for sale would be even more exciting. Finding one that is for sale in a price range that you can afford would be the ultimate.

If you cannot find or afford an antique serpentine chest of drawers or wardrobe but you still want to buy something with a serpentine finish you should still be able to pick up a modern equivalent.

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