Decorate With An Old Fashioned Wire Egg Basket

There are many ways in which a kitchen can be given a slightly authentic old-style feel by the addition of a simple piece of storage that many might overlook. The old fashioned wire egg basket is the simplest concept for storing eggs yet it provides a definite charm and is perfect for placing eggs or other items into as a decorative display on the kitchen bench.

When the eggs were gathered as part of the morning chores the wire egg basket was invariably the utensil that was used. It was light and was capable of holding many eggs, some of which were not always the cleanest but the nature of the wire bars would allow any dirt or other matter to fall off the eggs and onto the ground. When the eggs were collected they could be brought inside and laid on the kitchen bench for easy access.

These days these same wire egg baskets are making a stunning return, being used again in the kitchen or on the dining table as a handy display item. Because the basket allows you to see the contents due to the nature of the wire bars, it makes the ideal type of bowl for highlighting the contents.

It is possible to use a metal egg basket as a fruit container or as a means of holding a dried flower arrangement. There are many different ways in which they can be used.

We don’t see good quality wire egg baskets these days, certainly not made with the same durable methods as the antique ones once were. The older egg baskets have a definite air about them and add the type of atmosphere to the room, perfect for enhancing the traditional country kitchens into which they merge perfectly.

Although it is not a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket, some of the vintage wire egg baskets that are still available for sale will make it tempting. To avoid such a fate it might be necessary to buy a collection of wire egg baskets such as the very decorative 3-tier wire egg baskets that are occasionally available or perhaps a wire chicken egg basket that is actually shaped like a chicken will provide a more delightful display.

For homes where space is an issue and there will not be the room to store an egg basket for those occasions when you have eggs to store, the answer is to buy a folding wire egg basket that expands into shape as needed.

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