Creating Your Own Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a simple piece of furniture that can brighten up your living or dining room. They offer functionality and style at the same time. One way to add your own distinctive decorating touch and to be a little more creative and add some of your own personality is to have a go at making one yourself. The basic structure is just a table top and four legs. If you have some experience of working with wood then this can be a small project that should only take a few hours to complete.

Buying the wood for the coffee table is very important. Ideally you want a good grade of wood to begin with, especially if you are going to stain and treat it. If you are going to paint the wood, then the appearance is not as important as it will be covered. Plywood or even MDF can be used if you are on a budget. Even old items of furniture can be re-claimed and used. All reputable wood yards and home stores such as argos will have all different varieties of wood to choose from. Try to get standard sizes so you do not need to make any unnecessary cuts.

The legs should be around 12-18 inches in length and the table top around 2 feet by 4 feet, or smaller if you only have a small room. Create a frame around the underside of the top to fix the legs to. You will need to bolt and screw them in place. Corner supports will also be needed, and chiselling small grooves at the top of the legs will give a solid fit that can hold any load you place on top of the table. Online web sites can provide you with all the information you need, or speak to store assistants at retail outlets like argos direct. Some will even offer detailed plans for free if you are willing to ask. The last stage is to treat or paint the table. Sand over the surface by hand to remove any stains or marks, and then apply the coatings. Three coats should be sufficient for any coffee table. You can also apply a protective wax coating the finish off the job in style.

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