Creating and Displaying Talavera Tile Murals

Talavera tiles are some the most characteristic and eclectic you can find providing a splash of color where the wall might otherwise have been left blank. There are a number of ways in which these tiles might be used but certainly the most distinctive is to form a Talavera tile mural.

Talavera tile murals allow you to create a feature display within the wall itself, simply by the judicious placement of different types of Talavera tiles. To create one of these murals you may want to sketch something out on a sheet of paper first, or you may prefer to walk through the various tile displays looking for inspirational ideas.

There are so many different types of Talavera tiles available that it is possible to not only create the body of the mural from a selection of different types of tiles arranged in geometric or random patterns, but you can also use more tiles as a border around the entire design. Looking for Talavera tiles for sale featuring specific colors could be a long but profitable challenge.

The Talavera tile mural is a way in which these types of tiles can be used to create one focused display rather than as a more all-encompassing mixture of colors and patterns.

One of the cautions in using Talavera tiles is to ensure that you keep an editorial eye on the room into which the tiles are being installed. Talavera tiles are so distinctive that they will quickly become overbearing if too many are used in a small area.

As well as the randomly patterned Talavera tiles that can be clustered together to form a mural that is more geometric pattern than a picture there are Talavera tiles that, when combined together form a large image on the wall. Madonna and child is a favourite of this type of design and the tiles can be pieced together in much the same way as a jigsaw puzzle.

Designing your own creative mural from a selection of Talavera tiles can be a very satisfying task, particularly when it all comes together and offsets the surrounding décor. Many of the colors and designs that are found in the tiles can also be repeated throughout the room in other furniture and accessory pieces.

Creating and displaying Talavera tile murals is something that anyone can do. You don’t have to necessarily be artistic, as long as you are confident in knowing what you admire and what you would like to see on the wall of your kitchen or bathroom every day. They can be very useful in the kitchen when looking to create a functional but attractive Talavera tile backsplash.

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