Collecting Antique Wicker Items

Wicker furniture and wicker baskets are very popular and for good reason; they have been around for centuries and they are beautiful, versatile items. They are handcrafted giving them added uniqueness; they can be easily maintained as well.

Since these items are so unique and many of them are also passed from one generation to the next, chances are that you might come across some interesting antiques. They will make for wonderful additions to your home and will give character to any room in a house. Another useful item to have is a wicker basket; they come in a variety of shapes and sized and can be used for virtually anything. From storing books and magazines to showcasing fruit in the kitchen; their uses are limitless. Repairing them is not difficult, although it might be a bit time consuming. You can add varnish to better protect your items as well and avoid excess dust from accumulating. If you enjoy collecting antiques you can also learn the art of weaving your own; there are many good online resources that will guide you through it and you can even take classes and learn first hand from an expert. The benefit of creating your own wicker items is that you can decide on the shape, size and color.

If you own a wicker item like a white wicker basket, be sure to properly look after it. Remove dust regularly with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner, using the soft brushes. Also wipe any spills immediately to prevent stains and keep away from damp areas; mold is difficult to remove once it has set in. They can last for years with proper treatment. With these factors in mind you can easily build yourself a wonderful collection of wicker items and add value to your home when collecting antique items made of wicker.

If you are going to look for wicker baskets, it might be a good idea to buy a set of them. Nesting wicker baskets provide a great opportunity to match a series of storage containers together to form a cohesive look for the room. The great thing about buying nesting wicker baskets is that you are likely going to pay less per basket than if you were to buy each basket separately.

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