Shot Glass Display Cabinets

Shot glass display cabinets are a great way for shot glass collectors to display the items they have worked so hard to obtain.  Most other methods of displaying glasses make it very difficult for the collector to show off their goods, but glass display cabinets, which are made specifically for shot glasses, utilize just the right amount of space so that they can show off each glass.

Shot Glass Display Cases For Sale

28 Shot Glass Display Wall Cabinet Case Mounted Rack Solid Wood No Door Espress
28 Shot Glass Display Wall Cabinet Case Mounted Rack Solid Wood No Door Espress
$31.00 (14 Bids)
Time Remaining: 38m

oak 35 shot glass display shelf case plexi front acrylic showcase 1a1
oak 35 shot glass display shelf case plexi front acrylic showcase 1a1
Time Remaining: 1h 56m

oak 4 inch shot glass display case shelf plexi front showcase 1a1
oak 4 inch shot glass display case shelf plexi front showcase 1a1
Time Remaining: 1h 56m

28 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Rack solid wood NO DoorK OA
28 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Rack solid wood NO DoorK OA
Time Remaining: 2h 51m
Buy It Now for only: $62.03

oak 35 shot glass display shelf case plexi front acrylic showcase ab1
oak 35 shot glass display shelf case plexi front acrylic showcase ab1
Time Remaining: 1d 1h 45m

oak 4 inch shot glass display case shelf plexi front showcase ab1
oak 4 inch shot glass display case shelf plexi front showcase ab1
Time Remaining: 1d 1h 46m

36 Souvenir Shot Glass Display Case Shadow Box Wall Mounted Cabinet Mirror
36 Souvenir Shot Glass Display Case Shadow Box Wall Mounted Cabinet Mirror
Time Remaining: 1d 2h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $87.68

28 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Rack Solid Wood NO Door
28 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Rack Solid Wood NO Door
Time Remaining: 1d 2h 47m
Buy It Now for only: $53.97

41 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack With Glass Door Walnut
41 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack With Glass Door Walnut
Time Remaining: 1d 2h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $110.15

110 Souvenir Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack Glass
110 Souvenir Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack Glass
Time Remaining: 1d 2h 49m
Buy It Now for only: $225.02

Shot Glass Display Case Cabinet Holder Rack Shadow Box With Glass Door BLACK
Shot Glass Display Case Cabinet Holder Rack Shadow Box With Glass Door BLACK
Time Remaining: 1d 2h 52m
Buy It Now for only: $81.44

oak 4 inch shot glass display case shelf plexi front
oak 4 inch shot glass display case shelf plexi front
Time Remaining: 1d 4h 45m
Buy It Now for only: $39.95

These cabinets range in size, and can hold anywhere from 10 up to hundreds of glasses.  The cabinets can also be made of different materials, but most of them are made from wood.  The classiest and most high quality way to display shot glasses is in a display cabinet, which has a glass door.

A quick Google search will reveal thousands upon thousands of websites where shot glass display cabinets can be purchased.  Of course, eBay is a great place to find unique and eclectic glass display cabinets. also has several options that all vary in size, color, quality and price.  Grandpa John’s Woodworking and are two smaller stores that are very popular among the most avid shot glass collectors.  These stores sell handmade shot glass display cases.

For some collectors, finding a shot glass display cabinet that is the right size may be a problem.  Other collectors may not like the color, material or even shape of the cabinets available for purchase.  For these collectors, building their own handmade display cabinet may be the right choice.  Again, a quick Google search will reveal several websites with detailed instructions and specific blueprints related to building a shot glass which fits one’s own collecting needs.

No matter how big they are, what they are made of, or even who made them, shot glass display cabinets are definitely a necessity for anyone who is a collector of shot glasses.  A very informative website for anyone who is interested in purchasing or building a shot glass display cabinet is

Wicker Cane or Rattan Conservatory Furniture?

If you are looking for conservatory furniture you may have come across a number of different terms used to describe the similar types of furniture you are looking at. Wicker, cane and rattan conservatory furniture can at first glance all seem to describe the same furniture but not all materials are the same and some of the terms the salesmen use can overlap.

Cane conservatory furniture looks similar to rattan but there are huge differences in the materials used. Cane conservatory furniture is essentially furniture constructed from bamboo cane. Bamboo is a hollow cane without a center, but it's natural strength make it great for furniture construction. Rattan on the other hand is a palm, unlike other palms the rattan palm takes the form of vines growing through surrounding trees using their branches for support. Being a vine the rattan is a solid branch. When heated the vine can be bent and twisted for conservatory furniture construction. Once the heat is removed the vine returns to it's solid state.

Wicker conservatory furniture is a misleading term, this furniture could be either cane or rattan in construction. The term is confusing because wicker is a process rather than a material, and the process can be applied to either rattan or cane. Rattan wicker conservatory furniture is constructed from rattan vine or teak hardwood frames which are then covered with rattan wicker weave. To create the wicker the rattan vine is stripped to the core before being weaved using the wicker process. With cane wicker furniture the bamboo cane is selected small and fine enough for the wicker weave process.

Beyond the differences in these natural materials you will also come across conservatory furniture described as rattan but constructed from synthetic materials. The synthetic or poly rattan furniture comes in many more varied styles and colors but being made from man made materials tends to be impervious to the rain and damp and generally will not fade as cane or natural rattan might over time. The man made version will often be called rattan garden furniture or rattan outdoor furniture but you will find sofa sets, and dining tables suitable for conservatory use as well as outdoor use amongst many manufacturers ranges.


Why Buy Pine Bedroom Furniture Instead Of MDF Furniture

If you want better quality products, you have to pay more for better materials and workmanship. A few decades ago, this meant buying branded goods. Unfortunately, nowadays, a lot of production is outsourced to Third World countries and cheap, low-quality materials are used to cut costs. That means if you want to own or use high quality goods, you can no longer rely on a famous brand but have to do your own research and investigation to find what is really good. Of course, this applies to bedroom furniture as well. When you buy your beds, wardrobes and other items of furniture, you need to make sure they are made from real wood like pine and not just a pine veneer layered on top of MDF (medium density fiberboard).

There are several reasons why furniture makers used pine in the 1800-s and 1900-s. One of them is because of the natural beauty of its grains and knots. This is why unscrupulous manufacturers stick pine veneer on top of their MDF furniture and try to pass the whole thing off as pine furniture. They save money by using cheap MDF while selling their products as real luxury pine bedroom furniture.

Because of its beautiful grains, furniture made from real pine does not need to be painted. That is not to say no one paints pine furniture, there are black-themed and white-themed bedroom furniture packages being sold today. However, it is such a waste, don't you agree?

Instead of painting pine beds and furniture, craftsmen stain the light-colored pine wood to better bring out the shape of the grains. After that, they apply a layer of wax or varnish over it for protection. However, not all pine bedroom furniture is protected this way. There are premium pine bedroom furniture collections which are left unfinished so that they can release their natural fragrance. Not all pine furniture is made this way, though. Unfortunately, pine is a softwood, and like all softwoods, it is vulnerable to insect and fungal attacks as well as the elements. That is why they are normally protected with wax or varnish.

You can find many styles of bedroom furniture. Apart from the grains, pine and MDF furniture do not show much difference in the more minimalist styles like the country and rustic styled furniture. But this is not the case for the more elaborate gothic-styles like the Victorian or Queen Anne styles. Beds and wardrobes made from solid pieces of wood and planks can be carved with intricate designs. These are things which cannot be properly duplicated with the molding process used for MDF.

If price is a major issue, you can buy cheap MDF furniture. But you have to realize that this kind of material should not be expected to last more than a decade. You might be lucky and get a good piece, but this is not something to be counted on. If you really desire long-lasting quality, you need to buy something made from high-quality materials, e.g. pine. While the price is much higher, the lifespan of pine bedroom furniture is also much greater. If you take proper care in buying the real thing, it is a good investment.

Oak Sideboard And Its Features

If you change the interior furniture of the room then surely you can give a new image to your room. The varieties of new collection of oak sideboard are introduced in the market, to give your rooms that new look which you were searching for such a long time.

We will here discuss about the features of the oak sideboard. Also we will find out why people mostly prefer the sideboard made with oak. Oak wood is considered to be the best wood in the whole market. These types of woods are very strong, long lasting and durable. Also it gives the sideboard a very rich look too.

In case of designs and patterns, you won't be disappointed at all. You will get a huge variety of sideboards. In terms of style, pattern and designs, these come in a huge variety of option. Even in your local showrooms too, you will find that they are available in various patterns.

This sideboard comes in a variety of sizes and patterns. Starting from the small size of sideboards to the big size you will get it all. Even if you are looking for those sideboards which have got various drawers and boxes you will get them also. If you are thinking about cleaning this furniture then forget all tension, as just with a cotton you can clean this furniture.

If you want a traditional sideboard then you can go for G Plan Chateau large sideboards. These sideboards are very famous for its antique look. More over it gives your room that exotic classy look which you wanted. In case you are looking for modern looking sideboards, then surely you can go for Palermo oak large sideboard.

Almost all the major wardrobe closets fits with the existing furniture in the rooms. Due to its elegant, rich and matte look this furniture can be used anywhere.

Jointing Methods For Solid Wood Worktops

Most people, when they think of a wood worktop, think of a huge, flat piece of wood that is brought into the kitchen and laid on the cabinets.  This is really not the case at all.  In order to be effective a worktop needs to be fairly thin, usually about 1 ½ to 3 inches thick.  If a piece of wood is cut this thin but two feet wide it will not have the support necessary to stay in one piece.  As the wood dries it will tend to warp and also crack.  For this reason, solid wood worktops are actually constructed of many smaller pieces or strips of wood glued together.

There are actually three different methods for the placement and size of these pieces of wood when constructing a work top. They are continuous strips, randomly jointed strips, and strips jointed in a pattern.  Each of these can be very beautiful so it really is just a matter of which one you like personally.

The continuous strip method is constructed by gluing full length boards together side by side.  This method is the cheapest to construct because it takes the least time.  It gives a clean and neat appearance.

The second method, using randomly jointed strips, is most popular with woods that generally can not be cut into long strips.  With this technique shorter lengths of wood of differing lengths are glued and jointed end to end and then these long pieces are glued together side by side.  Many people choose this method because it shows so many different grain patterns and color variations in the same worktop.

The last possibility also contains smaller lengths of wood but these are arranged in a set pattern.  Think of a checker board or maybe a trim of one variety of wood with the center section another variety.

Choosing wood for your worktop is one of the many possibilities available when you are renovating or remodeling your kitchen.  For more tips, visit us at the Granite Worktops Guide.

Considering Red Bar Stools

Every man has a dream of the perfect rec room in their home.  Whether it's a basement fully decked out to be the sports center of your dream, or a side room down the hall with a built in bar, there are many options to creating a good looking man den.  One of the first things you will want to look at to give the room the perfect touch is seating.   If you are looking to punch up the style of your home, consider red bar stools. Why red bar stools? Because bar stools are versatile pieces of furniture which can be used in nearly any area of your home, and there are actually many different types of red bar stools that can add a wide range of  themes depending on what exactly you're looking for.  Using a bar stool in the color red acts to accentuate the piece and make it a visible style element in any room.

Red bar stools can obviously be used at your kitchen or dining room island area to add a colorful seating touch. Many people prefer more neutral colors in these areas. By using red bar stools you add a unique addition that lets your kitchen or dining room area stand out.

Another place to use red bar stools is in a living room or entry way. Just use the bar stool to hold a potted plant, a treasured photo or any work of art. The red color of the bar stool automatically draws the eye to that piece. Also, by using a bar stool rather than merely a table or easel to display these objects, you are again creating a simple, yet unusual and dramatic style element to your home.

So next time you are shopping for a great addition to your home furnishings, consider red bar stools for the different areas of your home.

Retro Style Furniture

There is no doubt that retro styled furniture is very popular, even though the style replicates a style from half a decade ago. Retro furniture is a style that is unique and available in many colors, making the options endless when it comes to using the great style of furniture to decorate your home.

People often look to buy retro furniture at antique or second hand shops, but it is also available at many retailers today. Because people love the look of retro fashion in there homes, furniture suppliers make and sell it today made to replicate the retro era. This replication gives you the style of furniture that you may require while also giving you the peace of mind that you are buying a solid, new piece.

The benefits you will receive by buying furniture that is made as opposed to buying furniture that is actually from that era is that the furniture made today is made to last. It is made with thicker, more durable tubing on the retro dining table and chairs, the fabric is made with stain resistance on living room retro furniture, and the tables are also made with thicker steel and heavier, longer-lasting paint. You can find the furniture in many stores, even local big box stores are beginning to sell this style of furniture. However, if you are looking to find a really great deal, you may be able to do so by searching popular furniture dealers online. They often offer free shipping as an incentive. You will also have a better chance at finding exactly what you were looking for, and will not even have to leave the comfort of your home.

 If you love the look of retro, you will have no problems finding a huge selection online. You can use the style to decorate any room in your home. You can find retro bedroom furniture and bedding, retro style living room sets, retro chrome dining chairs, and even retro bar stools! Because the style is a popular one, you will have no problems finding just what you were looking for!

Buying Guide of Corner Settee

A corner settee is the stunning master room piece for either the home or workplace. In fact this piece is the most eye-catching room fitting that attracts all the attention pertaining to which room you placed them. Basically this type of settee is best to place at the corner of your room. As such, people often make them as the corner piece for their lounge and bedroom. For offices, a corner settee often becomes the best place for meeting customers and having short business discussion. This furniture piece also is the selected one to be placed inside the guest room.

What types of corner settees became the famous one between consumers? Basically there are multiple types of corner settees offered in the market and most of them is differentiating in terms of their features and the manner in which they are made. A leather corner settee for example, is made and upholstered by authentic leather or faux leather. Instead faux leather corner settee which is made by artificial material like nylon and polyurethane is greatly demanded in the market. Beside you get these settees offered in different numbers of seating. In general you get two seats or three seats corner settees as the majority of them in the furniture shops. Moreover the settee is differing in terms of their sizes and dimension too. You get smaller sizes corner settee for smaller living spaces and the same for the bigger one, which is made for large spaces rooms.

The pattern and design of these settees are also the next two requirements which you should look at it before you plan for getting a set of these settees to your room. If your room is designed with vintage styling and interior, then a set of antique settee will making your room looks more antique and aesthetic. However if you prefer for owing modern style of settee, then a chic leather settee or fabric settee bed is always the ideal choice for you.

Selecting a sofa should be primarily about providing comfortable seating for you and your guests. The material that it is made from and the style in which it is created should be of secondary concern. Ultimately when you sit down on your sofa you want to feel as though you would be comfortable in using it for hours because, let’s face it, most of us do.

For the majority of people the way in which the lounge room is set up is to focus the seating around the television. With many lounge rooms the space requirements prevent a large 3 seater sofa to be placed in the room unless you use a corner settee. A corner settee ensures that you will make the greatest use of the room while also providing as much seating as possible.

Without a corner settee the chances are that there will be a couple of smaller lounge chairs placed on either wall and in between will be an end table or a floor lamp. These pieces of furniture are great if you already have a great deal of seating in the room and are looking to fill in the extra space. If you are scratching around for somewhere to sit, the end tables aren’t going to be particularly useful.

Rocking Chairs

Although there is some debate over the origin of the rocking chair, the modern indoor rocking chair is a part of most households in the US today.

Some speculate that Benjamin Franklin designed the first rocking chair on the American continent using the concept of a cradle, adding the curved wooden rocker pieces or skates to the bottom of a chair in much the same fashion rockers were attached to the legs of a cradle. In England, a similar chair appeared for outdoor use. This chair was called the Windsor rocker after Windsor castle were it is first recorded to have been used. In the late 1800”s a German craftsman named Michael Thonet came up with a lightweight bentwood rocker that became very popular in England and Europe. Mr. Franklin, Mr. Thonet, and the person who made the first Windsor Rocker all had one goal in mind, to sit more comfortably. Certainly, Benjamin Franklin watched while mothers rocked cradles to sooth their babies to sleep. He may well have seen men leaning the back two legs of straight back chairs against the wall with their feet propped on a porch rail or another chair to achieve a greater degree of comfort. Maybe he liked the motion of a swing in the garden and wanted to recreate that same feel where it was not practical to have a swing.

Whatever the motivation, the rocking chair began to be a part of modern furniture in the 1700”s. However, the concept of the human form rocking began much earlier. The word “rocker” began to appear in the 15th century. It was a term used for the person who was in charge of rocking the cradle. Later it came to mean speakers or orators who put others to sleep with their monotone speech patterns.

There are examples of women or “rockers” setting beside cradles in Renaissance art but no evidence of a rocking chair until the 1750’s. Why it took man so long to transfer the idea of children being soothed by the rocking motion to adults wanting to rock, I cannot say. Adult sized cradles were made and used by the Shakers in New England in the early 1800”s. The adult cradles were used to help care for the elderly and very sick.

Today, rockers are big business. They can be found in any store that carries a line or type of living room furniture. You find them in home and garden centers and the most avant-garde furniture boutiques. They are throwaway cheap and thousands of dollars. They are metal, wood, wicker, plastic and combinations of materials. You can find them inside and outside; anywhere someone wants to rest for a few minutes or a few hours.

Flat Panel TV Stands

If you are planning to shop for a flat panel tv stand, there are variables that must be stringently assessed in order to come up with the most informed decision. In order to that, this article will provide you with helpful tips that you can use to narrow down your list. Remember that there are criteria that must be taken into consideration when buying a tv stand. This is necessary to ascertain that you will be procuring the right one.

To begin with, it is crucial that you acquaint yourself with the different choices available. TV stands of this kind are sold in varying configurations, sizes, space requirements, and features. Hence, it is vital that you are certain on what type you are looking for. To give you an idea, here is a quick run-down of some of your possible options:

•    Flat panel wood tv stands – If you are looking for durability and long-lasting quality, then this type is for you. Wooden tv stands also offer design and style flexibility, which makes them a versatile addition to any home setting. In addition, they are also capable of providing years of quality service without requiring regular maintenance aside from occasional dusting.

•    Flat panel metal frame tv stands – They are the perfect match for contemporary or modern-themed homes. They can spice up any room with their eccentric and cutting-edge designs. Choose tv stands featuring unique metal framings and stable steel supports to ensure that it will be able to back up the weight of any sized flat panel televisions.

•    Flat panel corner tv stands – As their name suggests, they are the ideal options for homes that have wasted corners. They are primarily designed to efficiently maximize any available corner space. There are various corner tv stand models to choose from so you wouldn’t have a difficult time finding one that fits perfectly to your taste and preference.

Take note of the following flat panel tv stand models, and make sure to carefully evaluate each one of them to end up with most appropriate choice.