Cafe Curtains For the Kitchen

Café curtains are a compromise of sorts between letting the light in while maintaining a level of privacy from the outside world. They cover the bottom half of a window while the top half remains uncovered. They are fashioned from the look that was common in cafes and eateries, thus where the name originated.

Because of the desire with café curtains to let in as much of the sunlight as possible, it is common to find café curtains made of thin or sheer materials. Sheer café curtains are the perfect example of a kind of curtain that will allow a certain amount of light into the room while giving you a little bit of privacy. These types of curtains, such as voile curtains, are also particularly attractive and give the room a cozy charm and elegance while still remaining casual.

For full privacy it is not uncommon to find café curtains hung in front of a full set of curtains giving you the best of both worlds. When you want the light and privacy balance you would draw back the full curtains and then, at night you can give yourself full privacy by drawing them closed again.

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Another common name for these types of curtains is kitchen café curtains because they are ideal for dressing a kitchen window. The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where it is important to get as much natural light as you possibly can. Café curtains fulfill this need by covering up the bottom half of your window while still getting access to the sun up the top.

A breakfast room is also the ideal setting for café curtains. This type of room usually faces the east so that the morning sun hits the room casting natural light upon those having their morning meal. Creating the perfect mood for this type of setting is a set of linen café curtains.

There is no set rule as to what material café curtains are made from, although the usual type of fabric is a light material that lets a measure of the light through. I think we would all have seen a set of lace café curtain at some point and would agree that they create a definite charm while blowing in a gentle breeze.

Giving a more country style feeling is toile, a type of pattern that is very popular in this setting and makes a definite statement. Café curtains with matching or even offsetting toile valance above will certainly enhance the appearance of any kitchen.

Café curtains really give a sunny room a comfortable and breezy feeling, inviting guests in to sit down and enjoy a quiet cup of tea or coffee.

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