Braided Rugs

The braided rug is a type of hard-wearing rug that is constructed differently to the more traditional loom woven rugs that many of us might be used to. These rugs are made by braiding yarn or fabric together, such as wool, cotton, jute or any other suitable material, and then coiling the braids before sewing them together.

These rugs were first created in the early 1700s and they are largely made today by using the same basic design. These rugs are relatively heavy due to the way in which the material is bundled together. This makes them tremendous products for using in areas of high traffic. They will last for a long time and although the braids may appear bulky, the rug lies smooth and flat when it is laid on the floor.

Decorating with braided rugs will give you the chance to add charm and character to a room. They can be used as area rugs with larger versions providing enormous coverage in multi-colored style and will also draw together the many different aspects of a room with their variety of colors and their ability to be placed under other furniture pieces.

Listed below is a selection of the various types of braided rugs that you might want to consider when looking for a suitable braided rug for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or back patio. Skim through the various types, materials, shapes and sizes as well as noted manufacturers to look out for. You will also find a link to more pages in case you would like to see a selection of braided rugs for sale.

Types of Braided Rugs

Chenille Braided Rugs

Some of the more luxurious braided rugs are chenille braided rugs. They are extremely soft underfoot, made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers that not only provide a soft rug that is suitable in the bathroom or kitchen but is also extremely durable. They may be used as area rugs, runner rugs, bath mats or entry-way rugs. Read more about chenille braided rugs.

Wool Braided Rugs

The ultimate in luxury as well as durability, woollen rugs have long been the top of the range. It is a material that can be cleaned and will withstand a lot of abuse. Wool braided rugs are available in a full range of sizes, colors and styles and they are also available in just about any homewares store or department store you choose to visit. Find out more about wool braided rugs for sale.

Cotton Braided Rugs

A particularly durable style of braided rug is the cotton braided rug. As with other materials you can buy multi-colored cotton braided rugs and they will suit a variety of casual decors. The usual way in which cotton braided rugs have been traditionally made is with flat braids of 4 to 12 strands with the cotton strips worked alternately over and under other strips of cotton of varying colors. The result allows striped, chevron or diamond patterns. Follow through to see the cotton braided rugs for sale.

Thimbleberries Braided Rugs

The Thimbleberries fabric is a particularly recognizable style and is used in the creation of Thimbleberries braided rugs. When looking for these braided rugs for sale you can be sure that those in the Thimbleberries line up are going to stand out and begyou to buy them. The colors of these rugs are particularly bold and will definitely stand out in whataever situation you choose to put them. Find out more about Thimbleberries braided rugs.

Jute Braided Rugs

Jute is one of the softest and most durable materials to use in the manufacture of area floor rugs. The use of jute traditionally has been as the backing for carpets with the yarn coming from the fibrous stalks of the jute plant. When they are used in a braided rug they become extremely strong and provides you with a rug that is attractive to look at and suitable for moderate traffic areas such as in the living room. They are a terrific natural material option. It is worth checking out the range of jute braided rugs for sale.

Braided Runner Rugs

By positioning the braids in long lines beside each other it is possible to make some astoundingly beautiful braided runner rugs. Due to the nature and strength of the braided style you will find that not only is a braided runner rug very attractive and comfortable to walk on, they are also hard-wearing and durable. View the range of braided runner rugs for sale.

Braided Rug Brands

Capel Braided Rugs

One of the most respected rug makers in the uSA and the oldest privately own manufacturer, Capel Rugs represent the finest quality you could hope to find. Capel braided rugs take the quality standards that are part of the manufacture of all rugs they produce and have used them to take them to a higher standard. Capel braided rugs have been designed to offer a quality rug that can be cleaned and cared for with a minimum of fuss. Read more about Capel braided rugs.

Colonial Mills Braided Rugs

One of the most reputable braided rug manufacturers in the US is Colonial Mills. This Rhode Island company is responsible for authentic braided rugs that are available in a huge range. They are hardwearing and versatile and are equally suited to indoor and outdoor use.

Braided Rugs By Shape

Oval Braided Rugs

It is possible that oval braided rugs are the most commonly found of all the braided rugs available. The ovoid shape is perfectly suited for the process of braiding and sewing these rugs together and the result is a rug that is perfectly suited in many areas of the house. Oval braided rugs may be used in the bathroom or the kitchen to provide a small padded area to ease the strain on the feet while work is performed.

You may also use an oval braided rug in the lounge or dining room as a decorative piece that sits atop a carpeted floor. Or it may be used as an accent in front of the fire or simply under the coffee table to provide a suitable spot where the table will rest. What you might typically find are oval braided rugs in striped designs that have been wound around and the colors used in the braiding are subtly changed to form a very distinctive or attractive striped pattern effect.

As far as versatile rugs are concerned, an oval braided rug provides the softness and durability to enable it to be used in a wide range of circumstances. Tkae a look at the selection of oval braided rugs for sale

Round Braided Rugs

You can use round braided rugs in all kinds of situations with the smaller rugs perfect for entrance ways while larger round braided rugs suitable for use as area rugs to define a part of a large room. They are durable and feel great under the feet and the shape means that it can be used in all kinds of circumstances. Visit the round braided rugs page to view the various braided rugs for sale.

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