Backsplashes For Kitchens

In order for a backsplash to be as effective as it is attractive it must be able to fulfil its role as a protective coating for the wall. The role of the backsplash is to ensure the wall does not become damaged from constant water splashes. As a secondary function, the backsplash should add some kind of decorative feature to the kitchen and there are many ways in which both functions may be achieved.

The backsplash may be used to protect the wall behind the sink, the stove or it may run along the entire length of the counter as a feature that reaches to around head height. There are also many backsplash ideas for kitchens that provide a bright and colorful addition to the room.

Displayed below are just a few examples of the many choices available to you in creating some great kitchen backsplash ideas.

Materials Used For Backsplashes


There are many different types of tiles that can be used to create a beautiful and effective backsplash. One thing you should ensure is that you do not use a porous or unglazed tile for use behind the sink or cooktop. Should you make this mistake you will find that the tiles will become permanently stained or discoloured from the food or grease that spatters onto them.

It's not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on your tile backsplash with many opportunities to go to a tile supplier and browse through their selection of discount tiles. It will look just as impressive if you install a discount tile backsplash compared to one that you had to pay full price for.

The following are some of the various options that you may consider when looking for a tile backsplash.

Ceramic / Porcelain

Although this may be considered the most commonly used backsplash material it is also an option that gives you tremendous versatility. You may go for a simple white backsplash or something far more inventive such as a ceramic mural featuring a work of art that has been recreated on a set of ceramic tiles. Just about anything is possible when using ceramic tiles to create a decorative backsplash.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have been used for centuries in creating decorative wall features and as mosaic tiles they are especially useful and widely used. There are many different sizes and styles still available that will allow you to create an individual look. The glass tiles displayed here is one of the more creative ways in which it can be used as a glass tile backsplash.

Tile Murals

We have already seen how ceramic tiles can be used to creative extremely decorative wall features that are used as backsplashes in the kitchen. Tile murals may be made from just about any type of tiles from travertine to marble and Talavera. Displayed above is the type of way in which Talavera tiles might be used to create a decorative mural of your own design.

Mosaic Tile

There are any number of different types of mosaic tiles available to create a backsplash for the kitchen. Mosaic tiles are made from ceramics, stainless steel, marble, granite, glass, travertine and Talavera. Any of the other materials displayed on this page are used to create mosaic tiles. They may be part of a mixture of colors or a single shade and they are all very effective in creating your backsplash. More reading on the blue backsplash tiles page.


Metal backsplashes for kitchens is another popular option and when they are used in conjunction with metal countertops or in the same type of metal as the sinks, they can look particularly effective. Here are a few examples of some great metal backsplash ideas.

Stainless Steel

The clean finish of stainless steel will look particularly effective in the modern kitchen and will complement any metal surfaces that can also be found in the room. It is a material that will be easy to keep clean and will provide you with a well functioning backsplash as well. While it looks fantastic when installed as plain panels you will also be able to use slightly more decorative types such as the quilted stainless steel displayed above.

Natural Stone

Everyone loves the look and feel of natural stone and there are some great examples of the way it can be used to create the most beautiful backsplashes possible. Choose from natural stone choices such as travertine, granite, marble, limestone, slate with other lesser used stone also found. Pictured above is a travertine mosaic tiles displaying the versatility of the stone.


Granite is another remarkably versatile stone that allow you the choice of a wide variety of different colors. A granite backsplash may be light blue, dark brown, speckled or shot with veins. It may be plain dark or incredibly light and it will provide you with a gorgeous wall. One of the perfect instances where a granite backsplash is going to look spectacular is when used in conjunction with a granite countertop. Backsplashes for granite countertops may be made from just about any material you prefer but matching the counter with a granite backsplash would complete an outstanding effect.


Marble is the hardest of the calcium carbonate natural stones and is also available in a very wide array of tones and colors ranging from black through to white and just about any color in between. It makes a very attractive backsplash and it will suit just about all styles of kitchens.


Limestone is a natural stone style that is softer than Travertine tiles and is generally more consistent in color. You will find that limestone will be available in shades from off-white through to gray and even some light browns. It is a stone that also has a lot of variation in quality with the softest type of limestone much cheaper than those that are harder and denser. You won’t find dark marks or veins running through it like you do with other stone tiles such as marble, Travertine or granite.


Like the other types of natural stone backsplashes, slate provides you with a natural stone look that varies subtly in color even when you use tiles from the same color palette. Using slate creates a rustic appearance that is ideal for an older style kitchen or you are hoping to achieve a rough finish.


Glass is one of the most versatile of materials that can be altered to suit just about any surroundings you might be able to imagine. There are many ways in which  you can use glass backsplashes for kitchens in the most creative of effects and color combinations. Take a look at a few of the glass backsplash options that might be available to you.

Coloured Glass

Using colored glass allows you the opportunity to provide a splash of color along a single wall to highlight the area through the backsplash itself. Placing benchtop lighting behind the glass throwing light up behind the glass provides an even more effective way of turning the area into a particularly memorable wall. A colored glass backsplash opens up the possibilities to just how innovative you would like to be.


A mirrored backsplash takes the glass finish a step further to provide you with a surface that will reflect all around the room. A mirrored backsplash can look very effective, particularly when the wall is enclosed by over counter cabinets that might otherwise darken the area.

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