Agate Bookends

Anyone who owns a valuable book collection, particularly if it is a collection that may one day be worth a significant amount of money if they are resold will require solid bookends to ensure the books aren’t ruined.

The safest way of storing valuable books – well, any books really – is to stand them on their ends but this can lead to problems if they are neglected. Unless the books fit perfectly on the shelf they are going to lean in one direction or another and this can result in the spines of the books canting to the side.

Buying bookends will ensure your books will always be store vertically and when you look for bookends you will find that there is quite a selection of decorative and interesting bookends for sale. A particularly attractive set is agate bookends. Just a thought but these bookends would really suit a set of books that were related to the geology field.

Not only do agate bookends provide an interesting texture to the room they may also provide some color. You will see from some of the beautiful agate bookends available they can be particularly attractive with vivid colors that will really stand out.

When agate has been sliced and polished it becomes a particularly beautiful looking stone. Bieng a stone it is also quite heavy so it will provide a solid foundation that will ensure the books remain propped upright.

Agate is a naturally occurring rock that occurs as nodules in volcanic rocks containing silica and the colors are created in regular layers creating a banded or striped formation. These layers are the result of the variation in the cooling process as well as the mineral content as the molten rock solidifies.

The natural beauty coming from a pair of agate bookends will sit up in a prominent spot in the room when they sit on bookshelves. They are usually cut into quarter sections so that the beauty of the stone faces out into the room. Colors such as pink, purple, blue, green and combinations of each provide a wide range to choose from. The type of agate you should strongly consider is sold as Brazilian agate and the bookends that are made from Brazilian agate are highly prized.

You don’t have to be a lover of rocks and rock formations to appreciate the beauty of agate bookends and there are many different types for sale giving you the opportunity of furnishing your bookshelves with a pair.

The thing to remember is that every pair of bookends are naturally occurring geodes that are completely unique and the patterns that are formed will not be replicated. With many of these bookends you can make out the bubbles of mineral deposits that make up the many coloured effects and even the stones that appear to be less colourful are actually amazingly detailed in their subtle layers.

In some respects it would be a shame to position these bookends at the end of a long line of books because they would look most effective propping up only one or two thin books. This way you would be able to make out the way in which the agate was formed. All the same, the detail of the agate will still stand out when placed at either end of a long bookshelf.

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