Decorate Your Home With Lladro Figurines

There are many ways in which you can display beautifully crafted figurines in your home and also satisfy your needs as a collector. The lovely porcelain figurines made by Lladro have been created since the early 1950s and they have become extremely popular the world over. It is little wonder that this is the case seeing as how great the attention to detail is with each piece and the beautiful designs and settings that have been used to typify the collections.

Ensuring that the Lladro figurines remain highly collectable, each new figurine design is available for a certain period of time before it is retired to make way for newer designs.

One of the things that is very noticeable about each of the Lladro figurines is the individual quality of the handpainted pieces. There are many different artists responsible for the range of Lladro pieces and this ensures that the various styles available is also extensive and varied. Not only does this provide you with a wide ranging collection but it should also mean that, should you appreciate one artist over another you might like to specialize more in those particular figurines.

As well as the many serene scenes involving beautiful young women, nuns, nurses and children, there are many examples of Lladro featuring animals such as their hugely popular bunny figurines and duck figurines.

You may notice a selection of Lladro figurines advertised as NAO Lladro figurines. The NAO range was established as a separate style that displays a different expression to the original Lladro style. These pieces were first introduced in 1968 and are also created by skilled artists. The way in which the NAO figurines are made is a far simpler process and the style is more of a whimsical nature than the Lladro examples.

One thing is for sure, when you have placed a few examples of the many different types of Lladro figurines in your home you will be tempted to complement them with still more. They are a great way of adding decorative interest to a bare table or as a mantelpiece ornament. The finest pieces of Lladro are actually made up of hundreds of small pieces of porcelain that have been expertly joined together to form the intricate figurines that can end of growing in value.

The famous ‘tulip’ mark that is found on most Lladro works is the symbol to look for when trying to identify a piece of Lladro. However this logo was not used on the very early examples. Additionally, if a piece was made that was considered of lesser quality the Lladro logo was ground away so that it is barely visible, if at all. Although it is still a Lladro figurine it is also considered to be a second and is treated as such as far as future value is concerned.

Animal lovers can have a lot of fun with the various themes followed by the Lladro releases. Just about any type of animal is well represented with some of the most amazing figurines created capturing the essence of these animals so that they are quite lifelike. These figurines feature animals such as frogs, owls, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, bears, many assorted birds, fish and other wildlife.

Lladro Children

Figurines featuring children is a popular theme with Lladro figurines featuring boys and girls of all ages in a selection of idyllic settings and featuring a range of themes. Friends, companions and simple scenes of the simple everyday are all represented to provide a peaceful display. Keep an eye out for some of the more popular children themes such as a boy with a dog, a girl with a dog, a girl with a cat, children at play, children asleep, sibling love, a girl with flowers and many others.

Lladro Dancing

One of the many recurring themes used in the many Lladro figurines produced over the years has been that of dancing. Whether with a partner or singly the image of dancing portrays a sense of calm serenity or love and is repeated to great effect in many different ways. The young lovers are often depicted dancing closely together and the vast range of ballerina figurines captures the grace and beauty that can be achieved whilst dancing.

Some of the most popular themes that have been explored over the years include girls with flowers, boys with dogs, best friends, dancing ladies as well as nuns, clownsnurses, angels, kissing figurines and many others.

For those looking to celebrate a special occasion we have a marvelous Lladro wedding figurines page featuring an extensive gallery to browse through.

Wicker Picnic Baskets

Even the most average, everyday items can be used to provide decorative interest within the home. Take the wicker picnic basket as a great example. These baskets are primarily used for outdoor gatherings but they look very stylish in an indoor setting too.

The traditional way to pack and carry all of your food and dinner items is to use a wicker picnic basket. There are a few reasons why they remain the most popular type of picnic basket in use, even after many years when there have been countless attempts at replacing them with more modern alternatives such as plastic boxes and collapsible bags.

Not only are picnic baskets made of wicker quite light in weight, they are also very sturdy and will withstand the pressures of cramming them with lunch items and other sharp objects. They are easy to carry thanks to the way in which the handles are set onto the body of the basket. The classic wicker picnic basket features two handles that are spaced on either side of the middle of the basket sides ensuring an even distribution in the weight of the basket that is being carried.

Wicker Picnic Basket Options

Among the various types of wicker picnic baskets available are a few distinctly different options. The first is the traditional rectangular picnic basket that is closed with a couple of lids to protect the contents. This is the type of wicker picnic basket that might be referred to as an antique wicker basket and would have been most commonly used during the 1950s. Take a look at the example displayed below as an example of what we are talking about here.

A variation on the larger rectangular picnic basket is a smaller round wicker picnic basket. Like the rectangular version you are very likely going to find these baskets with a pair of lids that are fixed in the middle of the basket allowing them to be opened from the rim. These baskets are usually carried with a single handle and while they may look particularly attractive are not going to be capable of carrying as much as the rectangular baskets. That being said, they are still provide a great deal of storage space.

Classic picnic baskets may also look very much like wicker trunks from the outside. These picnic baskets may be carried using handles placed at either end. When you open these picnic baskets they are usually hinged on one side of the trunk giving you easy access to the content. Many of these baskets have been set up with loops and straps fixed to the inside lid so that cups, plates and cutlery may be stored securely. Some of these baskets have been very well thought out and masterfully designed and are definitely well worth picking up so that you are sure to be completely organized on your next family picnic.

While the main reason for buying a wicker picnic basket may be to provide you and your family with a handy container to use when picnicking, many of them are decorative enough to use as display storage items around the house. The simple elegance of a wicker basket is something that will add value to a well furnished, traditional country styled room. It is then a simple matter of taking that basket and packing it with your picnic items when you head out for your day outdoors.