The personal style and decorative touches that you provide your home will help to individualise your living space and give you the chance to express your personality. There are numerous options available to you to create a unique space that you will feel most comfortable in.

Designing a room is more than simply picking a set of curtains and matching them against the lounge with a floor lamp and a coffee table placed strategically in the room. It's about the decorations you choose the paint on the walls, the overall window treatments and the personal touches you make.

The problem is finding the objects and items of furniture that you can relate best with. They may be modern furnishings that provide you with the colors and textures you’re looking for to match with existing furniture pieces, they may be antique pieces that will help to establish a traditional theme. You may be a collector and like to show off prized possessions as display pieces.

Whatever motivates your design style must first be seen in order to give you the inspiration to imagine how it might be incorporated into your home. Within the pages of Interior Decorating Now we offer you numerous interior decorating ideas that will provide you with endless design options that will enhance your home. These design ideas have been grouped together under logical categories to help you explore on your journey.

The bathroom is another room that will require some careful consideration as you go through the sinks, tubs, shower screens, hardware and other features required to give the room some punch.

Decorate the Bathroom

Corner Sinks

Granite Sinks

Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom Tiles


Decorate the Kitchen

The kitchen requires some special decorative touches to turn the room into a brighter, more comfortable room to prepare meals.

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Rugs


Decorate with Lighting

The light fixtures you choose to use in a room can greatly influence the entire look of the room. 

Spanish Revival Gothic ChandelierChandeliers



Decorate the Walls

Here area few ideas to turn a plain wall into something far more interesting to look at.


Wall Sconces

Wall Clocks



Decorate the Floors

There are many ways to turn the floors into a feature of the room with coverings and special decorative touches. Take a look at the ideas provided below.

Floor Medallions

Braided Rugs

Floor Tiles
Runner Rug
Runner Rugs
Wood Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring


Decorate With Tiles

Let's go a bit deeper into the various tiles that can be used to decorate the floors and walls of the home. There is a vast selection of tiles available for all tastes and styles.

Backsplash Tiles
Saltillo Tiles
Saltillo Tiles


Decorate With Curtains

Curtains themselves are a decorative way to provide a window treatment that will create an impact on the room. Here are some ideas to help you come up with the perfect curtains and hardware required to make your curtains look special.

Eyelet Curtains
Eyelet Curtains
Curtain Tiebacks
Gingham Curtains
Gingham Curtains
Retro Curtains
Retro Curtains


Decorate the Dining Table

You're about to host a big dinner party and you're looking for some ideas to make the table look even more special

Sterling Silver Beaded Napkin Ring
Napkin Rings
Denby Sugar Bowl
Denby Dinnerware
Sango Dinnerware
Sango Dinnerware


Decorate the Living Room

There are a number of interesting features that can be used to liven up the living room.

Tabletop fountain
Tabletop Fountains
Vintage School Desk
School Desks


Decorate With Small Objects

It's the small objects, the knick-knacks and objet d'art that can enhance the appeal of a room enormously. They can make a bare room looked lived in, they help to define the home as a whole. Here are a few ideas.

Incense Burners
Poodle Bookends

Wire Chicken Egg Baskets
Ohio Stoneware Jug
Stoneware Jugs
Graniteware Kettle

Denby Teapots

Wicker Baskets
Folk Art Face Jug
Folk Art Face Jugs
Candle Holders
Candle Holders


Decorate With Collectable Figurines

Collectables provide a beautiful focal point and a wonderful of expressing yourself in an artistic way.

Lladro Figurines


Decorate With Collectable Plates

There are a number of different types of collectable plates that provide you with another way of adding color and life to the home.

Norman Rockwell Plate
Norman Rockwell Plates


Decorate With Pottery

Pottery has been around for thousands of years both as a useful material for utensils and cooking ware but it is also used for some of the most beautifully decorative pieces of art. Some examples are also extremely valuable.

Stoneware Pottery
Stoneware Pottery
Beehive Whiskey Jug
Fulper Flambe Long Neck Vase
Fulper Pottery
Roseville Pottery Vase
Roseville Pottery
Rookwood Pottery Bowl
Rookwood Pottery
UND Floral Vase
UND Pottery

Talavera Pottery
Unikat Pottery Bowl
Polish Pottery
Pfaltzgraff Pottery
Pfaltzgraff Pottery

Naturally, the examples of interior decorating ideas put forward on this site are not exhaustive. The aim is to not only get you started with a few ideas but also give you the opportunity to buy some of those ideas for prices that are going to be pretty hard to beat.